Meet our team

Create Himalaya Adventure heartily welcome to the Land of Himalaya. We are very pleased to introduce our valid clients as one of the best leading travels and adventure companies in Nepal. With over 11 years of experiences, we are specialists who escort you to make your dream vacation unforgettable. 

Ramchandra Lamichhane (Managing Director)

A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. I grow up in a remote mountain village of Namjung in the Gorkha district of Nepal that lies in Gorkha District of Northern Central part of Nepal. Since childhood, I love creating different travel destinations. It’s like my passion also.  So, after finishing my schools, I came to Kathmandu and was fortunate enough to be able to attend Public Youth Campus in Kathmandu for Management. I had thought about working at travel and tourism after a graduate degree in financial management. While working on the tourism industry I realized that I had no greater passion than traveling and adventure. Since 14 years involver in the tourism industry with a different company, I got the great opportunity to guide in Norway. Guest satisfaction is my priority.

Ramjee Lamichhane (Manager)

Hello,  I'm Ramjee Lamichhane permanent Residence of Namjung-8, Gorkha. A  remote village of Country. Temporarily live in Kathmandu Nepal. I have Finished Bachelor Degree in Management with good Position. I involved in the tourism industry for 10 years. I'm young, energetic, and Dynamic person. In the beginning, I've been Guided For 5 years later on work inside the office as a post of Manager. I'm Very much exciting to Promote Create Himalaya Adventure.

Sanju Bhatta (Accountant)

I'm Sanju Bhatta, Permanent Residence of Rural Village at Dhawa -1, Chautara, Gorkha. I'm 25 years old. I've completed a Master Degree in Management Accountancy.  Since the opening time of this trekking company Create Himalaya Adventure, I'm giving my full effort to make stronger and Stronger in Financial Depart. It's my pleasure to work here as an Accountant.

KP Bhatta (Senior Trekking Guide)

Namaste, My Name is Krishna Prasad Bhatta Born in Aarughat - Gorkha which is  Mountain Region. I'm  24 years old. Have been all trekking route in Nepal which we have here in Our Itinerary. I'm a good English speaker, young and Energetic Guide. I'm well known for Flora And Fauna, Animals, Birds watching, and etc. I am always Responsible for my duty.  Since 2 years I'm working as a post of senior guide in Create Himalaya Adventure. During my working at this company, I feel open Athmosfare. I loved to work with Create Himalaya Adventure for as longest as possible in the future. Proud to be as a Team Member.

Krishna Lamichhane (IT Computer Engineer)

Me, Krishna Lamichhane. Studying in Nepalaya College at Kathmandu. I am permanently from Gorkha, a remote village in Nepal.  From my childhood I was very interested to work with the tourism field luckily Since 2017 I'm involving at Create Himalaya Adventure a reputed trekking company. As an IT Engineer. I'm an expert for Graphic and Web designing also look after overall Hardware and software and all Networking issues in the office. Daily updating website and edit the photo, solving daily technical issues is my key responsibilities.


Mari Engh (Marketing Manager Norway)

I´m from Norway, and I have been out feeding my desire to see more of the world whenever I have had the opportunity. I had my first meeting with Nepal and the people that make up Create Himalaya Adventure in 2016, and it totally changes my mindset about the possibilities you have as a traveler. This is a small loving family company with high ambitions to give the visitors a personal and unique experience that no other big company can give. My main goal as a marketer is to make sour that other tourists don´t miss this chance – to experience the real Nepal.

I have a bachelor degree in marketing and a Master degree in innovation and development. Besides working as a marketer for Create Himalaya Adventure I also work as a researcher in Norway.

Lilian Skønager (Sales Manager Denmark)

Traveling is for me to discover the World. I have a deep interest in nature as well as culture. In 2014 I met Ramchandra for the first time. He has started the family company Create Himalaya Adventure. I have been trekking in Nepal many times and learned to know him and his family very well. Their desire to give the guests, young and old, the very best experiences permeate everything. My function is to be Danish Sales Manager for Create Himalaya Adventure. if you have any questions, about Nepal and Create Himalaya, Please contact me on

Ajit Lamichhane (Co-Founder)

I'm traveler enthusiastic from Nepal. I am studying the final semester at the Islington College affiliated to London Metropolitan University. Though I am an IT technician by profession I do have a passion for traveling and exploring the adventurous destination with friends and family. I feel proud to be a Co-founder of Create Himalaya Adventure P.LTD. I am expressing my profession and passion at the same time through Create Himalaya Adventure, a company with a vision to explore the adventurous destination with a traveler from all over the globe. I do handle the department of IT and sales market of Nepal. I mostly travel or trek during my free time of course which is my passion.